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Kristiaan Caluwaerts chairman of international law network

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Kristiaan Caluwaerts chairman of international law network

Mr. Kristiaan Caluwaerts, attorney at law in Antwerp and Brussels, was appointed as Chairman of the network LawExchange International on Saturday 30 April 2022.

LawExchange International (LEI) is an association of law firms, which can be considered as mid-sized in their market, and which can thus ensure a global service. The organisation currently comprises 37 firms in 31 countries on the 5 continents with over 2600 lawyers and staff.

The UK-based organisation also has a good relationship with dozens of law firms in countries where they do not have active members, and is a partner of the Africa Legal Network (ALN), which allows them to use offices in 16 countries in Africa.

LEI effectively meets five times a year at physical conferences in two global conferences and three regional conferences, and has established regular interaction between the lawyers through virtual conferences. In the meantime, a Young LEI has also been established which already includes 120 younger lawyers from the main organisation. Young LEI organises five virtual events per year to promote cooperation and collegiality across national borders.

The various law firms cooperate intensively on cases and for common clients, with around 200 files being exchanged internationally each year

Having been part of the network for 17 years, Mr. Caluwaerts and his team are very familiar with international clients and handling M&A, litigation and arbitration cases across national borders.

He will act as Chairman of the organisation for two years together with an Executive Committee consisting of the Secretary from Scotland, and members from the UK, US, Canada, Sweden, Portugal and Australia.

The next conferences will be held in Chicago, Toronto, London, Istanbul, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur and San Diego.

For more information, please contact Mr. Kristiaan Caluwaerts.

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