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Logistics & transport 

Cases involving logistics and transport usually have an international character. On top of this, they are gaining in importance due to increasing globalisation and the growing mobility of persons, goods and services. They are also complex, not only because they usually involve several parties, but also because the rules of different jurisdictions can come into play. In this connection, we possess the necessary know-how in areas of maritime and land transport, as well as inland waterway and air transport. We also have experience in the application of customs and excise rules.

We offer assistance and advice relating to, among other aspects: 

  • international road transport;
  • inland navigation;
  • collisions at sea, cargo disputes, arresting of ships and bunkering vessels;
  • recovery of unpaid freight, transport services and commissions;
  • disputes relating to charter parties;
  • drafting and negotiation of logistics services contracts, such as warehousing and shipping;
  • port operations, trade and freight handling;
  • cargo claims, limitation of liability, classification, shipbuilding;
  • interim injunction proceedings and appraisals by court-appointed experts;
  • recreational navigation;
  • questions relating to intermediaries, transport brokers, concessions, depots, shipping agents, customs agents;
  • specific issues relating to import duties, excise duties, blocking of counterfeit goods, etc.



Ignace Kroos
Ignace Kroos
Lawyer - Partner

Specialised in: company law, commercial law, transport law

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Eva Bruyninx
Eva Bruyninx

Specialised in: construction law, real estate law, urban zoning, environmental law

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Charlotte Beckers
Charlotte Beckers

Specialised in: company law, commercial law

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