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Steven Slachmuylders

Steven Slachmuylders has been an attorney at the Bar of Antwerp since 2011. In 2014, he joined Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven and he became a partner in May 2016. 

Steven Slachmuylders graduated in 2011 as a Master of Law at the University of Antwerp. He chose for a minor in Criminal Law and a major in Civil Law. He developed a special interest in (special) Contract Law in the broadest sense.  Afterwards he obtained a Master in Business Law with honors at the University of Antwerp.

Steven Slachmuylders has been active as an academic "practice assistant" at the University of Antwerp since February 1st, 2015.

Besides his special interest in Real Estate and Construction Law, he also focuses on Civil Law. He has extended experience in Traffic Law as well, and defends individuals and companies before the police court.

During his internship at the Bar of Antwerp, he obtained following awards: 

  • 2nd finalist Flemish Plead Jewel 2014, Bar of Dendermonde.
  • 2nd finalist Plead Competition "Ridder René Victor 2014”, Flemish Conference at the Bar of Antwerp.